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Boxing – 1987 – HBO Special Musical Highlights – Winning Is A Feeling & Nobody Brings It Like HBO


For any boxing fan, this video is just a “rare piece of joy”….as HBO put together a highlight real of great fights during The Golden Age of Boxing from 1984 to 1995….and they titled this collage of super highlights, Winning Is A Feeling” and “Nobody Brings It Like HBO”….for this rare piece of video was used by HBO to promote their boxing programs. This is one of those videos that you are probably not likely to see anywhere else…..except here at ImaSportsphile….and for now, on Youtube, cuz we load our videos to be posted on this site on Youtube….which we hope soon to come to an end as ImaSportsphile transitions to its own server…..and we no longer let Youtube take credit for our posts. 

Anyway, no matter how you cut the pie…..for boxing fans….this video is a “10 karat diamond” in our treasure chest of vintage memories….and we are delighted to bring it to our viewing audience….as it has highlights of some of the most renowned fights of all time.

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