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Boxing – 1987 – Highlights – The Year In Boxing In Review With Leonard Vs Hagler + Hearns Vs Roldan

This NBC Sports special featuring a review of the year 1987 in the world of boxing…..as Bill Macatee provides highlights of the highly anticipated WBC Middleweight championship of the world between Sugar Ray Leonard verses Marvelous Marvin Hagler…..and the WBA Middleweight title fight with Thomas Hitman Hearns taking on Juan Roldan for the vacant title…..as Macatee also provides an indepth review of 20 year old Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson bringing back the faded glory of the heavyweight division. 

We at ImaSportsphile have to admit that every time we see anything that has to do with the Hagler vs Leonard fight….the top of our head begins to boil….cuz in our opinion, Sugar Ray should never have left the ring that night of April 6, 1987 with the champ’s belt….for we are of the opinion that there are ONLY three ways that a challenger can take a champions’ belt in the ring…..by KO….by TKO….or by the challenger seriously disfiguring the champs’ face….which is something that Sugar Ray certainly did not do. 

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