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Boxing – 1987 – Jim Lampley + Alex Wallau In Studio Review Mike Tyson Vs Pinklon Thomas Title Fight

Mike Tyson vs. Pinklon Thomas, billed as Hard Road to Glory….was a professional boxing match contested on May 30, 1987, for the WBA and WBC heavyweight championships.

Tyson was the aggressor for nearly the entire fight….while constantly getting the better of Thomas with his power punches. Tyson was nearly able to get the victory in the first round….as with about 40 seconds left in the round….Tyson staggered Thomas with a left hook–right hook combination….and with Thomas’ back now against the ropes….Tyson delivered an 8-punch combination in an attempt to get the knockout victory….but Thomas was able withstand Tyson’s assault and survived the round without being knocked down. Thomas was able to rebound and last another four full rounds with Tyson….by using his left jab to keep Tyson off-stride….and while clinching Tyson whenever Tyson came close. The fight would come to an end with a minute remaining in round 6th round….when 30 seconds into the 2nd minute,….yson was able to catch Thomas with a left hook that clearly hurt the challenger. Tyson would follow this with a relentless 15-punch combination that dropped Thomas to the canvas for the first time in his professional career.  Before referee Carlos Padilla, Jr. could reach the count of 10….that is when Thomas’ trainer Angelo Dundee entered the ring causing Padilla to stop the fight….and officially declare the result a technical knockout victory for Tyson.

Tyson’s victory would officially set up a unification match with Tony Tucker….who was able to capture the IBF Heavyweight Championship by defeating Buster Douglas by a 10th round technical knockout prior to the Tyson–Thomas fight….when the two men went the full 12 rounds….with Tyson ultimately picking up the victory by unanimous decision to become the first Undisputed Heavyweight Champion since Leon Spinks in 1978.


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