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Boxing – 1987 – Mike Tyson + Michael Spinks + Jim Lampley Discuss Who Is The Real Heavywt Champion

This ABC in-studio “round table discussion” between ABC boxing analysts Jim Lampley and Alex Wallau and IBF Heavyweight champion Michael Spinks….along with WBC and WBA Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson….regarding who is the real heavyweight champion of the world….prior to Spinks and Tyson entering the ring to let their fists prove to the world who is the real champ….is to say the least….RIVETING. 

When boxing fans watch this video real close….there is evidence in Michaels Spinks’ posture and words that he is more than just a little bit bothered by the man sitting next to him in the orange sweat suit….and no matter how good Jinx looks in his tuxedo….he still doesn’t look like he has the slightest thought that he could really beat Iron Mike.  

What happened on June 28, 1988 provides all the evidence needed to substantiate that Spinks did not even belong in the conversation of “Who is the real heavyweight champion?” as discussed in this video herewith. 

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