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Boxing – 1988 – Al Michaels PostFight Interview Of Evander Holyfield After Defeating Carlos De Leon


ABC’S Al Michaels’ post fight interview of light heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and his trainer Lou Duva after The Real Deal had just destroyed cruiserweight champion Carlos de Leon…..to become the undisputed light heavyweight/cruiserweight champion…..for this was when Holyfield’s body was just beginning to mature….which meant he was putting on weight…..and would typically have to shed some weight to keep fighting in his division….as Michaels, Holyfield and Duva talk about if his next fight would be as a heavyweight.   

We at ImaSportsphile are delighted to have as many videos as we have of Evander Holyfield….cuz we consider him to be one of our seven heavyweight legends of The Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995…. along with Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Holyfield….and any time it comes to a legend…..those videos become “nuggets of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile.


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