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Boxing – 1988 – Larry Merchant In Ring Interview Of Champ Mike Tyson After Unifying Title Vs Spinks


In this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….Michael Spinks was a legendary light heavyweight champion….who should have NEVER been a heavyweight champion…..cuz he did not KO, TKO or seriously restructure Larry Holmes in either of their two fights…as Jinx Spinkx was not a viable heavyweight….evidenced by his short exit (1st round KO) in this fight against Mike Tyson. 

Tyson would go to 35 – 0 after this victory discussed in this post fight interview with Iron Mike….cuz he truly was that at the end of this fight.

Shortly after this fight….Tyson would start to show “chinks in his armor”….and soon thereafter, make a split from his longtime trainer Kevin Rooney….seen in this interview in the ring with Tyson herewith….who had been with Tyson since Cuz D’Amato, who was Tyson’s father figure, mentor and super trainer had passed away.  Not too long after this fight, Iron Mike would have the death of his # 2 mentor and manager, Jim Jacobs….which would be followed by him letting Kevin Rooney go….and that is when there Mike Tyson lost his invincibility.

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