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Boxing – 1989 – HBOs Larry Merchant PostFight Interview With Carl Williams After Loss To Mike Tyson


Carl Williams (November 11, 1959 – April 7, 2013), nicknamed “The Truth” was an American boxer….who was the USBA United States Heavyweight Boxing champion….while having fought in several noteworthy boxing matches in the 1980’s and 1990’s…..and is perhaps best known for having fought and lost to Mike Tyson in a battle for the undisputed heavyweight championship.

The first round knockout loss to Tyson in 1989 was a devastating defeat for Williams….who midway through the round saw Tyson slip a jab from Williams and loaded up with one of the most devastating counter-punches of his career….while smashing Williams and sending him down for an eight count. The referee waved off the fight….as Williams immediately launched a protest to the official and ringside judges but to no avail. He believed that the fight was stopped too early and he was not given more of an opportunity to demonstrate to the official that he was not disoriented after the knock-down….as seen and heard in this in-ring post fight interview with HBO’s Larry Merchant…..  when he appears to be uninjured… while speaking clearly….and expressing his disappointment that he was not given the opportunity to “show my stuff.” Williams also called for a rematch, however this never occurred.

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