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Boxing – 1989 – Jim Lampley + Larry Merchant Wrapup Heavywt Title Fight Carl Williams Vs Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson vs. Carl Williams was a professional boxing match contested on July 21, 1989, for WBA, WBC, IBF and Lineal Heavyweight championships.

After Tyson’s dominating victory over Frank Bruno five months prior….negotiations for a potential bout with Carl Williams began….and on June 15, 1989, the fight was made official.  Four years earlier, Williams had challenged then-IBF Heavyweight champion Larry Holmes for the title….only to narrowly lose by unanimous decision.  Prior to his fight with Tyson, Williams had won his previous five fights…. including a victory over former champion Trevor Berbick….which got him back into contention.

The fight would only last 93 seconds….while becoming Tyson’s second quickest title fight after his 91-second victory over Michael Spinks the previous year….asTyson and Williams began the fight trading punches with each other….although Tyson’s aggressiveness caused Williams to hold several times. About 76 seconds into the round, Williams attempted to hit Tyson with a left jab….and that is when Tyson countered and hit Williams with a left hook that sent Williams to the canvas.

Though Williams was able to get back on his feet and was seemingly ready to continue the fight….when referee Randy Neumann controversially stopped the fight….awarding Tyson the victory by technical knockout.

Because of the controversial nature of Tyson’s victory….both Williams and his manager Ira Leibowitz urged the WBA, WBC and IBF to change the ruling Tyson victory to no-contest while also demanding a rematch between the two.  However, all three boxing organizations, as well as Tyson’s camp refused a Tyson–Williams rematch with Don King’s spokesman stating that Williams would have to “go out and knock out a few good fighters” before a rematch with Tyson could happen.


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