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Boxing – 1990 -15 Round Heavyweight Title – Iron Mike Tyson VS Buster Douglas – HBO In Studio Replay


There are times in a Sportsphile’s life where they are completely “caught off guard” by the outcome of a sporting event…..and for this lil ole chiwenie Sportsphile….a event ending kockout of the reigning undefeated undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World far outdistances itself from a walk-off home run in baseball or a last second shot in basketball or a come from behind last second score in football, on the excitement stint meter.

When Buster Douglas stunned the world with his KO of Iron Mike Tyson….this fight became a heavyweight boxing classic….which makes this video MUST SEE TV for any boxing fan….and for any sports fan of any substance….and this HBO in studio analysis by boxing comentators Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant makes this video even more special. 


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