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Boxing – 1990 – HBOs Sugar Ray Leonard + Jim Lampley Showcase Celebrities At Tyson Vs Tillman Fight


Every now and then, a video rolls up for me to post that doesn’t have any particular merit for ever being produced…..not a good play or great punch…..not a fantastic ending or hilariously funny event….not a good interview or piece of sage advice that is passed on…..so, I think you get the point…. especially when it comes to showcasing or illuminating celebrities…..as done in this video seen herewith. 

Simply put, it is this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion that nobody is really going to GIVE A HOOT that Billy Crystal….Michael Douglas…Rev. Jesse Jackson….Chuck Norris….or jack Nicholson are being seen at the Henry Tillman Vs Mike Tyson fight….cuz I certainly don’t….and therefore, I think I don’t have any more to say on that…..so, ENJOY!!!….if you enjoy those things.


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