Boxing – 1990 – Heavywt Title Fight Douglas Vs Tyson – Larry Merchant PostFight Interview With Winner Buster Douglas


James Buster Douglas (born April 7, 1960) is an American retired professional boxer….who competed from 1981 to 1990….and again from 1996 to 1999….who is best known for his stunning upset of Mike Tyson on February 11, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan….to win the undisputed heavyweight title. At the time Tyson was undefeated…nicknamed Iron Mike….and considered to be the best boxer in the world,….s well as one of the most feared heavyweight champions in history…which was due to his domination of the division over the previous three years.

The only casino to make odds for the fight….while all others declining to do so….as they considered the fight such a foregone conclusion….with Douglas as a 42-to-1 underdog for the fight…and all of this made  his victory….as commentator Jim Lampley so aptly put in this video herewith….”The biggest upset in the history of heavyweight championship fights.” 

Buster Douglas would hold the title for eight months and two weeks….after losing on October 25, 1990 to Evander Holyfield via third-round KO in his only title defense.  This in-ring post-fight interview by HBO’s Larry Merchant is very insightful into James Buster Douglas’s motivation and belief system entering this fight.

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