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Boxing – 1990 – Special – HBOs Larry Merchant Proves Referee 10 Count Is Not What Is Thought To Be


After watching so many of HBO’s renowned boxing commentary specialist Larry Merchant perform so many different interviews of fighters…..along with fight wrap-up commentaries….which I have seen in posting our incredible boxing library here at ImaSportsphile….I still can’t figure out if I like the guy for his insight into the artistry of pugilism….or think he was an “arrogant lil twirp”…..who liked to talk down to men he thought were less intelligent…..who really knew much more than he…..and the truth be known….this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile still can’t make up my mind.   

In this video herewith….I find that I like the way that Merchant delves into the subject of “the referees 10 count” in professional boxing….and I love the highlights of footage that supports his theory that the 10 count of the referee is not what it appears to be….cuz the footage he provides tends to support his opinion quite precisely….but you watch and draw your own conclusions of whether a count to 10 is really a fair and consistent count to 10. 


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