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Boxing – ABC In Studio Review – Roberto Duran VS Sugar Ray Leonard Fight 2


This ABC In-Studio Review of the 2nd world welterweight title fight known as No Mas between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran featured both fighters being interview by Howard Cosell….for this video gives the viewer a very distinct inside view of the mental framework of each of these two boxing legends from the golden era of boxing (1964 – 1995)….clearly defining their likes and their differences…..as clear cut as the differences between a pit bull dog and a rhodesian ridgeback dog…..both fierce and devastating in destroying their prey….and protecting their territory.

Videos like this one reminds the sports fan of just how outstanding all three of these In-Studio participants were….as Howard Cosell could hold his own with even The Greatest (Ali)…..so, conversing and discussion with these two boxing legends wasn’t a problem…..with dialog well worth the watch.

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