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Boxing – Heavyweight Bout – Exhibition – Muhammad Ali vs Lyle Alzado


Ali boxed both well known boxers and celebrities from other walks of life during career….including Antonio Inoki, a Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist in 1976….Gorilla Monsoon, a professional wrestling star in the US…. Lyle Alzado, an NFL Defensive Tackle for the Denver Broncos…. Dave Semenko, a “tough guy” left wing for the Edmonton Oilers NHL team…. and the famous Puerto Rican comedian, Jose Miguel Agrelot (with Iris Chacon acting as Agrelot’s corner-woman)….for Ali wasn’t just The Greatest in boxing history….but he also was the greatest showman in boxing history.

At the end of this exhibition….Alzado said Ali hit him with a straight jab that knocked him dizzy with little birds flying around his head…..saying, “the Champ could have taken me out any time he wanted”….but any way you cut the pie….this was a fun and entertaining fight to watch.


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