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Boxing – Heavyweight Champion Highlights – Everybody Has A Dream


Have you ever noticed how music and sport make magic together….for there is nothing more capturing of the HUMAN spirit and attention….than the pictures of the athletes in their endeavor to excel and capture a dream….and although I have 2300 hours of incredible sports, music and comedy video to share….and the content is exceptional….but for this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile….I prefer when music is applied to the still photograph….that moment in time which stops forever in a photograph…for when a photographer “master artist” with the proper cameras and the right lens captures that moment…and it is put to music which brings the right harmony of those pictures almost to life in the fan’s mind….that is how I have noticed how music and sport make magic…

So, after watching this video of past world heavyweight champions….which photograph of which champ did you like the most?….for me….Ali, The Easton Assassin, Big George, Iron Mike and Smokin Joe….cuz I’ll say it again….Bone Daddy’s boxing library is impressive….with so much to share.

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