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Boxing – Heavyweight Champions – Muhammad Ali – ABC Tribute To The Greatest


Thanks to ABC’s lead boxing commentator Howard Cosell….they held a very valuable position in regards to their rights to cover Muhammad Ali fights and events….cuz these two men built their truly legendary careers by the very respectful relationship that they built between each other…..as Ali let Cosell see more and more of the person and athlete behind the scenes…..up close and personal…..and as the years passed…..they obviously grew to loved each other….just look at the picture above.

Ali truly brought out the best in Cosell…..but the same goes true….for Cosell brought out the best in Ali. If you ever wanted a really good example of the genius of Howard Cosell…..this video provides that in so many ways…..the exuberant and eloquent given with Cosell’s voice…..matches made in Heaven folks.  My favorite Cosell piece in this one is his editorial about Ali and the opportunity for him to cover his career….it is truly a beautiful tribute done by a master word merchant.

All I can say about all that is this……this ABC produced program along with HBO’s Boxing’s Best…..are the two best tributes and renditions of the life and career of The Greatest….Muhammad Ali…..Bone Daddy and my favorite all time athlete.


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