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Boxing – Heavyweight Champions – Muhammad Ali – HBO Special – Ali VS Frazier – 3 Wars


HBO does a tremendous job of presenting an incredible inside look the rivalry and three grudge fights between Muhammad Ali and Smokin’ Joe Frazier….but 1st Barry Tompkins goes on to show the first time each of these two legendary heavyweight champions got knocked down…..Ali by Henry Cooper…..Frazier by Oscar Bonavena…..then we get to look at what Ali and Frazier did to those two who achieved knockdowns in their follow-up.

The dialog and interaction between Ali and Frazier in the studio is worth the watch…..as these men had really great respect for each other….but you couldn’t tell that they did by their words and their fists….as this video covers each of the three fights…..for they were truly wars….not battles….but wars in the ring each time they fought…..while the outside the ring…..Frazier brought out the best of Ali’s entertainment and showmanship skills…..especially before the Thrilla in Manilla…..all the while that Ali’s antics just simply enraged Smokin’ Joe.

This video will always remain a favorite of this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile…..as Ali’s quote at the end of their third war says it all…..”I bring out the best in every fighter that I enter the ring against…..but Joe Frazier brings out the best in me.”


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