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Boxing – Heavyweight Champions – Muhammad Ali – Stripped Of Title


It has long been my opinion as a Chiweenie Sportsphile…..that the biggest black-eye in boxing’s history to the universal fan base of the “art of pugilism” happened on the day….was the day that the US Federal Court found Muhammad Ali guilty of refusing to go into the US military…..as that decision started a 3 year and 8 month fight by Ali in judicial courts all over the country…..until his case finally reached the US Supreme Court…..where he received a 5 – 0 ruling in his favor as having the right to be a conscientious objector for his religious beliefs…..and overturned all the courts that had ruled against him.

The real truth is that the decision of the Supreme Court did not do justice to the “black-eye” that the lower courts had ruled against Muhammad Ali…don’t get me wrong….it did right a grave injustice….but it did nothing to ease the loss of boxing fans all over the world…..who lost the peak boxing 3 years and 8 months of Ali’s career…..as the fan lost out on seeing The Greatest fight another 10 – 15 times……which in my opinion….had the world seen Ali fight during this time…..there would be no argument about who was the best ever.

One of the best things about life and time spent in life passing by….is that the cream always rises to the top….and although Muhammad Ali was robbed of his best years in the ring….the way he conducted himself during his absence and his return was impeccable….something very few HUMANS on this Earth could ever do….never point a finger at his enemies….and never say anything bad about those who did you wrong….for only The Greatest among us embody those kind of attributes.

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