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Boxing – Heavyweight Title – Champ Muhammad Ali vs Leon Spinks – 1st Fight


On February 15, 1978….Muhammad Ali entered the ring like he typically did with fights that he did not take his opponent serious….throughout his training and preparing for his fight with Leon Spinks….who had only had eight (8) professional fights…..as Ali tipped the scales at 224 1/2 lbs…..which was really heavy for The Greatest….who typically fought around 212 lbs.

Ali hardly threw a punch in the first three rounds….which was indicative of Ali’s obvious boredom with this fight….for he acted like a cat playing with a little mouse….not concerned for his well being at all. As Ali began to dance in round 3….calling the fight was Dr. Ferdie Pacheco with Bob Halloran for ESPN…..and the “Fight Doctor” who used to be in Ali’s corner….makes the comment of “look at the fat bounce as Ali dances”.

Muhammad Ali was never in trouble in this fight….but he really was never in this fight….as Spinks pulled off a split-decision win….but as I have said before and I’ll say again….the only way to take the title from a Champion is by a KO or TKO….not a decision….cuz in this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….that is the way a challenger wins the title….they TAKE it.


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