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Boxing – Heavyweight Title – Ezzard Charles VS Joe Walcott & Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcott


HBO Boxing presented some really outstanding specials on some of the storied fights throughout the history of boxing…..involving fighters who just did not like each other…..who when matched together in a championship bout…..would just bring out the best and toughest sides of so many of these boxers…..as the specials were presented under the name of “Grudge Fights”

The first grudge fights covered in this particular video piece is the 2nd and 3rd title fight between heavyweight champions Jersey Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles….which took place in 1981.  This footage is priceless in so many ways…..and I am just happy to have these “great grudge fight” highlights in Bone Daddy’s boxing video library to share with any and all boxing fans around the world.

The video then shifts to the two grudge fights between Jersey Joe Walcott and Rocky Marciano…..and again, I get to share some unbelievable footage of the wars that took place between two historic heavyweight champions.


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