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Boxing – Heavyweight Title – Muhammad Ali vs Leon Spinks – Fight 1 Round 15


I have no idea why Bone Daddy did not have this fight all on one tape….but he didn’t….as he has the pre-fight and first 14 rounds on another post….and only has the 15th round of what turned out to be one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history on this post.  Regardless, this was a good fight….and the 15th was action packed….with both fighters landing heavy punches.

Ali was known to not train for less than great heavyweight boxers….and Leon Spinks was one of those types….evidenced by his 25 -17 – 3 career record would support….however, “Neon” Leon….had two huge advantages in his boxing arsenal that made him significantly better than just good….but not great….as first of his big pluses was that he was a US Marine….and every Marine that I or Bone Daddy has known have all been fierce fighters….and Neon Leon was no exception….as his natural attitude entering battle was to aggressively engaged the enemy….with both barrels loaded….and deliver the first blow and keep them blows coming until the enemy falls or die on the battlefield…and Spinks had an extra portion of that particular Marine attitude….as Leon Spinks would almost dash out of his corner to engage his opponent…..whereas, the 2nd advantage that Leon Spinks brought to the boxing ring….were devastating punches in both hands….cuz Neon Leon’s punches hurt when they landed.

So, watch this 15th round several times and tell me how much you would like go 15 rounds with either one of these guys.


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