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Boxing – Heavyweight Title – Pre-Fight Previews – Champ Larry Holmes VS Muhammad Ali


When you watch the pre-fight previews as presented herewith….take time to listen to the words of Ali when Howard Cosell asks him about why he is fighting again…..after having one year prior told Cosell he was not going to go out like Joe Louis being beaten when he is so old he couldn’t fight….for Ali was just a mere 100 days short of being 39 years old….while his body had taken such a beating in his 59 previous fights with all the best heavyweight boxers of the golden age of boxing except for Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. But if you play this video back and really listen to Ali….his speech is very slow and not filled with the confidence that he was so well known for….for this was an legendary athlete who had lost everything that he needed to be champion….except for his Ali aura and bravado….as he looked slow, even when he spoke.

On the other hand, when Cosell queries undefeated champion Larry Holmes….you could even hear in his voice….that he wasn’t really looking forward to having to beat-up his old friend and mentor.


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