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Boxing – Heavyweights – Remembering Ali Special – Ali vs Norton – Ali vs Frazier – Ali vs Foreman


This video clip is a continuation of HBO’s special on the career of Muhammad Ali…..as Barry Tompkins and Angelo Dundee remember the Ali vs Norton….Ali vs Frazier….and Ali vs Foreman….for not only do these short segments of Ali’s career give the viewer great insight into the entertainer that was Muhammad Ali…cuz he was something very special.  I mean, just watch this video over and again….and listen to the psychology that he used in his rants….and tell me if you had been one of his targets like Smokin Joe Frazier and Big George Foreman….wouldn’t he have gotten inside you head too?

This video has highlights and insights of some of the best heavyweight fights of all time….2 verses Norton….3 verses Frazier….and 1 verses Foreman.


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