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Boxing – Heavywwight Bout – Mike Tyson VS Michael Johnson & Knockout Highlights


This video depicts Iron Mike Tyson in the early years of his professional career….as this is his 8th professional fight against a journeyman boxer Michael Johnson….who after taking a Tyson left hook to the rib-cage….just dropped his hands and that’s when Tyson delivered a “hammer punch” that knocked his opponent some time and some where in the future….for if you blink while watching this fight….you might just miss the whole dang thing.

However, what makes this video worth the watch….other than seeing….up close and personal….the devastation that Tyson could deliver….is the piece of video that follows the fight….as narrated by boxing commentator Randy Gordon….a minute and a half of some of the best knockout punches you will ever see….as one right after another will bring some WOWs out of you.


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