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Boxing – IBF Heavywt Championship – Champ Larry Holmes VS Michael Spinks – Fight 1


This fight between Heavyweight Champ Larry Holmes verses Light Heavyweight Champion Michael Spinks was the 9th time that this had happened in boxing history….where the heavyweight champ fought the light heavyweight champ….and what is even more interesting about this fight from a historic standpoint….is that in this fight…the heavyweight champ Larry Holmes whose record going into the fight was 48 – 0….as he was going for his 49th victory against no losses….which would tie him past world heavyweight champ Rocky Maricano’s 49 – 0….and Rocky’s 49th victory was against Light Heavyweight Champ Archie Moore. Can you say “Do it like Rocky!?!”

The Easton Assassin’s reign of 48 victories would come to an end on September 21, 1985….as Holmes stepped in the ring looking to equal Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 career record and to make his twentieth successful title defense. His opponent was looking to make history as well. After winning the undisputed championship at light heavyweight….Michael Spinks decided to move up in weight and try to become the second fighter after Bob Fitzsimmons to win titles at both light heavyweight and heavyweight. It would be Spinks whose historical destiny would be fulfilled, albeit controversially, as he defeated Holmes via unanimous decision to become the first reigning light heavyweight champion to win the heavyweight title. After the fight, a bitter Holmes said, “Rocky Marciano couldn’t carry my jockstrap”.

I have to admit this….cuz it has crossed my mind more than I can admit…that the decision by the judges in this fight just might have been racially driven…cuz the I saw the same thing happen in the Larry Holmes vs Gerry Cooney fight….as two of the three judges were white and were accused by many boxing affecionardo’s sitting at ringside did….and ABC’s Howard Cosell questioned directly….and anyone who has watched both of these fights can truly have the same questions….which led Holmes to make the comment about the decision….”those judges can kiss my black ass where the sun don’t shine”…and that is true, cuz I’ve got it on tape. 

When you watch this first fight between Holmes and Spinks….it is my lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile opinion that there is no way that Spinks decisively took the title from Holmes….cuz I come from the school of thought that a fighter cannot take the title away from the champ….without a TKO or KO….otherwise, the champ retains the title.


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