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Boxing – Light Heavyweight Title – Michael Spinks VS David Sears


World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion Michael Spinks went into this fight after his wife was tragically killed in a car accident….as this video leads off with a wonderfully introspective view of what his new reality was….and how his dreams had all been changed…..for this is a piece that really touches the heart and speaks to the soul of all HUMANS….regarding losses and fears….resolving to embrace the new reality without ever losing touch with the past.

I have always admired the way great athletes seem to have great resilient attitudes….with abilities to begin healing themselves before normal folks….as I have thought on this subject on many occasions…..coming to the conclusion that an attitude is developed through the ardent participation in sports that stem from lessons taught by coaches, trainers and mentors all over the kingdom of sport….for the lesson of getting back up and getting back into the fray of sport is one of the most base lessons to accomplishing greatness.

There is not a person on this Earth that doesn’t get knocked down hard in life…..easily as often and they have been lifted up in life….for you can’t have a top without a bottom….which is in equal size to the top…..and the athlete knows this….so, they get back up….no matter how hard the fall….then they dust themselves off and get back into the game….for the truth is that their healing accelerates by simply dusting off and starting to compete again.

The simple truth for any athlete…..after experiencing tragic events in their lives….is that by embracing their loss and moving forward….provides a path to healing like no other….for as Michael Spinks dusted himself off after experiencing a great loss and entered the ring against David Sears….when he delivered The Spinks Jinx in the 3rd round…..his healing was accelerated.




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