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Boxing – Lightweight Bout – Rockin Robin Blake VS J C Kim


Rockin Robin Blake was a long tall lanky world lightweight champions boxer from Levelland, TX…..which is out in God’s Country….otherwise known as West Texas…..which is a place where young boy grow up strong in the world of sports….with a West Texas tradition and pastime of fighting.  This is the place where Bone Daddy was raised…..and I have always heard him say that West Texas boys know how to do two things really well…..f_ _ kin’ and fightin’….for the land is hard and tough….and so are the men….both young and old…..and Rockin Robin was no exception…..as he so emphatically shows in this fight against J C Kim.

There is another old saying about the men in West Texas…..”unless you are just looking to get your butt kicked, don’t take on an ole boy from out in God’s Country”….as this video so aptly proves.




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