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Boxing – Middleweight Bout – Bobby Czyz VS Rick Noggle


Rick Noggle was better than a club fighter during the golden age of boxing (1964 – `995)….for he was pretty good with power in both hands……but I think he saw the writing on the wall in regards to his future as a boxer…..cuz he ended his career after only 21 fights…..with a 15 win 6 loss record…..but his opponent Bobby Czyz was a really good boxer during this awesome era of boxing…..and had he been in another era, he might well have been spoken of by future generations as a “great boxer” instead of “really good”.  So, sad to say for Czyz….but there were dozens and dozens of “great boxers”….and multiple dozens of “super great boxers”…..and at least two large handfuls of “legendary boxers”…..during the time that Czyz fought…..and I just don’t want to see boxers with the talents and skills in the boxing ring that Bobby Czyz get lost in the annals of boxing history.

Bobby “Matinee Idol” Czya is a retired American boxer and commentator…who was a New jersey native of Polish descent…..who became the world light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion.  Czyz was a member of the United States amateur boxing team whose other members died in the 1980 plane crash…due to an auto accident one week before the fatal trip,….resulting in Czyz not making the trip.

Czyz had a quick start to his professional boxing career in the early 1980’s…..as he was soon in line for a shot against world middleweight champion Marvin Hagler….as in my opinion, it was because Czyz the the “great white hope” of the light heavyweight ranks….however he had to start over from scratch after suffering a 10-round loss at the hands of veteran Mustafa Hamsho in November 1982….causing Czyz to move up in weight….when he would put another string of wins together….and in September 1986…..he finally found himself in a ring with an undefeated IBF world light heavyweight champion Slobodan Kacar (Olympic Gold medall in Moscow in 1980). Czyz beat him in five rounds….then Mantinee Idol made three defenses…..1st, a one-round defeat of David Sears….2nd a see-saw second-round KO of Willie Edwards….and third, a fifth-round TKO of Jim McDonald….before taking on ‘Prince’ Charles Williams in October 1987. Czyz scored an early knockdown of Williams….yet the challenger not only stayed in the fight….but also hammered shut Czyz’ left eye en route to scoring a TKO victory….thus seizing the title after eight rounds of boxing.

Czyz then lost a decision to Dennis Andries in May 1988….followed by a couple of victories…..then followed by two cracks at the world title in 1989….as I still think the “great white hope” card was still in play…..and despite truly good efforts on his part in both challenges….Czyz lost both of them….in a 12-round decision to Virgil Hill in North Dakota for the WBA version in March….and a 10th-round TKO loss to Williams in an IBF title rematch in June. Czyz went on to stop then undefeated Andrew Maynard in seven rounds (the second undefeated Gold medal winner he KO’d) in June 1990….then he jumped up to cruiserweight….where he challenged Robert Daniels for Daniels’ WBA world cruiserweight championship in March 1991….winning in a unanimous decision….followed by two defenses against Bash Ali and Donny Lalonde….both by unanimous decision before Czyz vacated the title.

In 1994, Czyz became a television boxing analyst working alongside Steve Albert and Ferdie Pacheco….while continuing his boxing career….as the trio covered fights in many locations worldwide. In December 1994, he covered the first world title fight ever held in Ecuador as a member of Showtime’s crew.  In 1996, he stepped up to the heavyweight division….losing by knockout to Evander Holyfield in five rounds and quickly retired. Czyz fought one last time in 1998….losing by second round TKO to South African Corrie Sanders…..as he also continued doing color commentary for Showtime.

Bobby “Matinee Idol” Czyz retired with 44 Wins 8 Losses with 28 KO’s…..for in this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….he was one of a plethora of “really good” boxers during the golden age of boxing…..whose fights are well worth watching…..cuz his boxing skills and talents deserve this shrine to him.

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