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Boxing – Middleweight Champions – Special – John Madden Journey – How Hagler Became Marvelous


This boxing special is a piece done by CBS Sports under the title of John Madden’s Journey…..as the former NFL coach hosts a program designed to highlight really special athletes in conjunction with the sport and the abilities and talents of high profile athletes in that particular sport …..and this John Madden’s Journey highlight and explains how Marvin Hagler became Marvelous.

First and foremost…..this special brings together two of my very favorite sports personalities…..Marvelous Marvin Hagler and John Madden….as Hagler is one of my “legendary boxer” during the golden age of boxing……and John Madden is one of my all time favorite NFL coaches…..as he led the Bad Boys of the Oakland Raiders to years of success and Super Bowl titles…..who went on to team up with Pat Summerall as the best NFL commentator team on television…..for John Madden taught the NFL game to millions of viewers and fans of the NFL for decades.

This video piece is a really special one…..as the viewer gets to see two of the very best…..show us how one became known as Marvelous….while the other became the quintessential face of video football…..and it is well worth the watch.

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