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Boxing – Middleweight Title – Marvelous Marvin Hagler VS Thomas Hearns – Revisited


This fight holds a very special place in this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile’s heart…..cuz the trip that Bone Daddy made to Las Vegas to see this fight live…..tipped the scales at the UNBELIEVABLE  level for a sports fan….and the first Sportsphile that I have ever known….the original Sporsphile….at ;east from my short four-legged perspective…..for Bone Daddy calls this fight “the best 7 minutes 52 seconds of boxing that he has ever seen….live or on video…..and let me tell you this….BD has seen every fight in his almost 700 fight library (586 title fights) on multiple occasions…..which deems him worthy of making that statement….plus, he’s an accredited Sportsphile. I will always take the time to watch this fight one more time…..cuz Hagler and Hearns were that good….especially at ringside on the night of April 15, 1985. 

Marvelous Marvin Hagler is one of my very favorite boxers…..partly cuz the pretty shiny chocolate pelon is just so sexy…..but also, cuz that man could fight.  I consider him to be a legendary boxer in the golden age of boxing…..cuz he ruled as the undisputed world middleweight champion from 1980 – 1987….defending his title 12 times against anybody and everybody worthy of taking a shot at his title….ending his career with 62 wins 3 losses 2 draws and 52 KO’s…..that is what I call dominating.

After taking Marvelous Marvin into consideration….then you turn your attention to the other corner in this historic fight…..where you find what!?!!…..Thomas “Hitman” Hearns…..another legendary boxer in the golden age of boxing….a man who won world championship crowns in four divisions….welterweight, junior middleweight, middleweight and light heavyweight……which simply means “enough said”.

I have written multiple stories about Bone Daddy’s trip to Vegas…..cuz if you can believe this…..the stories of the experiences surrounding the event were even better than the event itself….which was epic in it’s own right.  Since I have much more video content to post….I won’t get to my 200 stories that I have written for about a year…..so some time in 2017…..but, when I do….I think you will really enjoy the video that coincides with the story along with the sports memorabilia that Bone Daddy collected along the way to each story.

When you have a chance to watch two legends box…..you should do so…..especially of you are a boxing fan……shoot, you might even be a Sportsphile!?!!!



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