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Boxing – Middleweight Title – Vito Antuofermo VS Marvin Hagler – 1st Fight Round 11 – 15


This video is the finish to the 1st world middleweight title fight between champion Vito Antuofermo vs Marvin Hagler…..as it picks up where the first video posted for this particular title fight left off at the end of the 10th round…..and carries the viewer through the 11th to end of the 15th round…..followed by the announcing of the split decision that allowed Antuofermo to retain his title…..cuz this fight ended in a draw.

Regardless of the outcome…..this was a very good and very tough fight…..with both fighters throwing and landing every type of punch in their arsenal…..for the last four rounds were living proof of the talent and skills of one “legendary boxer” (Hagler) and one “really good boxer” (Antuofermo)…..who both fought during the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995)…..and well worth the watch.

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