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Boxing – Special – Promoter Don King’s Salute to the Marines


Many things have been said and written about one of the most famous professional boxing promoters of all time….Don King….from his globally identifiable hair style…..to his rocky relationship with many well known fighters…..to his style of hyping and selling his fights….to his career long rivalry with boxing promoter Bob Arum…..and to many other subjects….but my favorite part of the Don King story was his “over the top” way of presenting his fights and fighters with his braggadocio patriotism way of promoting his fights, even at fight time…..as seen in this video clip herewith….with a Don King  tribute to the U S Marine Corp prior an ex-Marine Leon Spinks bout…as brought to the viewing audience by famous boxing commentator Don Chevrier. 

Simply put, Don King understood fully that he would never be able to accomplish what he had accomplished as a boxing promoter in any other country in the world besides USA…..and he also knew that the U S Armed Forces were at the very heart of the American sports and boxing fan’s being….and he knew how to play that card.

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