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Boxing – Special – Sugar Ray Leonard – From Retirement To Comeback


There were four boxing legends who made major comebacks from retirement/s…..winning additional world titles in the ring after being away from the ring for a significant amount of time…..Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman….which conjures up my opinion that at the core of all athletes is their inability to “really stop” what God gave them the talents to do….and it is just as true for these four greats…..a trait that is truly found in all HUMANS….be it a chemist, a physicists, a seamstress, an architect or whatever it be….the truth is that all beings were given one special God given talent….of which, if that single talent is identified, developed and honed into a mastery of that solo talent….then anything that a HUMANS’s mind can conceive….can be attained.  The reason these four legends came back to the ring from retirement is simply understandable….for they are continuing to expand on the path they were meant to follow in life.  If all being on this Earth would quit worrying about “multi-tasking”….and instead focus on each person own special talent…..this world would be in much better balance.

There are many examples of this “achieve mastery of your God given talent” philosophy throughout sports history…..and for me, my two favorites are Al Oerter and Mariano Rivera…..two men who both threw only one pitch…..a discus and a cutter…..as their mastery and their tenure of dominance was all based on developing and mastering one single talent….the ability to throw that same pitch over and over and over again….while their opponents knew what pitch was coming…..and loving every minute of it.

If you have not yet identified your special God given talent…..keep looking…..and when that time comes that you discover…..then all you have to do is stay strong in living and working on your talent.

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