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Boxing – WBA Super Featherwt Title – Hector Macho Camacho VS Rafael Solis


Hector Camacho was a by-product of the streets of New York City….with a toughness that edges on meanness….an simple attitude that if you hit me, I hit you back harder and more often with all I got….plus he ┬álike he has a magic combination of talent, energy and nerve….with the kind of smile that people just love

If Roberto Duran used his “machismo” as a sort of weapon against his opponents…..Camacho uses it as a musical instrument whose notes are filled with lead….first he serenades you….then he beats you with….and then he serenades you again. ┬áLike Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard…..Macho Camacho had that magic combination of energy, talent and nerve….plus a winning smile that the cameras and the people love…..which all added up to a kind of “show business magic”….making him a very marketable fighter who was relevant throughout the 1980’s….the 1990’s….and the 2000’s….which spells M*O*N*E*Y.

This video gives the viewers two extremely insightful profiles of both Hector Camacho and Rafael Solis…..who were both Puerto Rico fighters that simply did not like each other…..as this is a very good title fight that is well worth the watch.

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