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Boxing – WBA Super Featherwt Title – Hector Macho Camacho VS Rafael Solis


Hector Camacho was a by-product of the streets of New York City….with a toughness that edges on meanness….an simple attitude that if you hit me, I hit you back harder and more often with all I got….plus he  like he has a magic combination of talent, energy and nerve….with the kind of smile that people just love

If Roberto Duran used his “machismo” as a sort of weapon against his opponents…..Camacho uses it as a musical instrument whose notes are filled with lead….first he serenades you….then he beats you with….and then he serenades you again.  Like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard…..Macho Camacho had that magic combination of energy, talent and nerve….plus a winning smile that the cameras and the people love…..which all added up to a kind of “show business magic”….making him a very marketable fighter who was relevant throughout the 1980’s….the 1990’s….and the 2000’s….which spells M*O*N*E*Y.

This video gives the viewers two extremely insightful profiles of both Hector Camacho and Rafael Solis…..who were both Puerto Rico fighters that simply did not like each other…..as this is a very good title fight that is well worth the watch.

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