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Boxing – WBC Heavyweight Boxing Title – Champ Larry Holmes vs Gerry Cooney


To say that America was anxiously waiting for the WBC World Heavyweight Title fight between Champion Larry Holmes and # 1 Gentleman Gerry Cooney would be an huge understatement….for the real reason for all the excitement was the fact the Cooney was the first “great white hope” since Rocky Marciano to really have a good chance of winning the World Heavyweight Championship….and it is sad to say that this fight became the hotbed for racism in America to rear its ugly head once again….and by the time the two men stepped into the ring….racism had almost become more of a talking point than the upcoming fight.

A crowd of more than 32,000 showed up for this fight that turned into a war….with more “stars” than you could shake a stick at….Joe Dimaggio, Red Button, Jack Nicholson, Wayne Gretsky, Ryan O’Neil and Farah Fawcett….just to name a few….as the fight was broadcast by ABC with Howard Cosell on the mike….I mean, could it possibly get any more exciting than this!?!….not without Muhammad Ali.

The fight was outstanding….between a super great heavyweight and a legendary heavyweight….which took place right in the middle of the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1994)….as Holmes knocks Cooney down in the 2nd….then Cooney comes back in the 3rd thru 6th before Holmes connects with an overhand right that almost knocks Cooney down again…..so, for all intent and purposes….the fight was all-tied at the end of the 8th round….except that the referee Mills Lane had warned Gentleman Gerry about at least two low blows at this time of the fight. By the time the 8th round ended….the crowd had already gotten more than their money’s worth. Cooney delivers a nasty low blow in the 9th and receives a two (2) point deduction from Mills Lane….and from that point on….Holmes gave Cooney a boxing lesson…..as a heavyweight legend taught a tough lesson to a super great heavyweight….and ended it with a TKO in the 13th.

What is awesome about this video is that after the fight had ended….ABC went back and got each of the three judges for the fight to post their scores after each round regarding who they gave the round too…followed by a live interview by Cosell in the fighters dressing room….and when you hear what The Easton Assassin had to say….you can see why I hold Larry Holmes in such high esteem as a legendary heavyweight.  

In Howard Cosell’s interview with the judges Duane Ford and Dave Moretti….he shows why he is one of the best sports commentators of all time….cuz he will ask the tough questions. 


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