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Boxing – WBC Heavyweight Title – Champ Larry Holmes VS Muhammad Ali


In this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….the golden age of boxing had 5 legendary heavyweight boxing champions….Muhammad Ali, Smokin Joe Frazier, Big George Foreman, The Easton Assassin Larry Holmes and Iron Mike Tyson….and this is one of the match-ups where two of these five fought each other…..however, this was also the only time two legends fought where one was passed his prime at 38 years 259 days…..and the other was was in his prime at 31 years 90 days….so, the older legend just didn’t have enough left to take the younger legend….who had also been the older’s sparring partner for many years back when Ali was in his prime.

The truth of the matter is that Larry Holmes did not like putting such a physical beating on his hero and mentor….although he continued to pile damage upon Ali’s body throughout the fight….however, the fight once again proved how Ali could take punishment and never quit….or get knocked out for that matter….and that is why he will always remain at the top of the legendary heavyweight boxing list….even above Rocky Marciano.


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