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Boxing – WBC Welterweight Title – Champ Wilfred Benetiz VS Sugar Ray Leonard


On November 30, 1979 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV…..two incredible boxers of the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995) met in the ring to fight for the WBC, Ring and Lineal welterweight titles….as then Champ Wilfred Benitez, a super great boxer of the era, faced off against Sugar Ray Leonard….in his first quest of 17 world titles that this boxing legend would win before his career ended.

The fight was as monumental as the fighters…..as a war ensued at the ringing of the bell in round one…..continuing until the referee stopped the fight by TKO in the 15th round. Consider this, between these two exceptional masters within the four posts…..Benitez won 53 fights, had 8 losses with 1 draw and 31 KO’s while winning 3 world titles in 3 different weight classes…..while Leonard ended his career with 36 win 3 losses 1 draw with 25 KO’s while winning 16 world titles in 5 different weight classes.

Any way you cut the pie…..those kind of careers merit watching these two warriors battle during the golden age of boxing…..many times over. 


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