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Boxing – Welterweight Bout – Carlos Palomino vs Roberto Duran – Highlights


It doesn’t really matter if it is a title fight or not….when two really outstanding boxers get in the right together to do battle….cuz if both men are masters of the art of pugilism…..then you are going to have an outstanding fight.  Such was the case at Madison Square Garden in NYC on June 22, 1979….when ex-champ Carlos Palomino took on ex-champ Roberto Duran….as both men were very skilled boxers who were tough-minded.

Vacating the Lightweight title was a buildup for an attempt at the Welterweight title. Durán earned a pair of wins against former WBC Welterweight Champion Carlos Palomino and Zeferino Gonzales, setting the stage for a title bout against then undefeated WBC Welterweight Champion Sugar Ray Leonard. 


Howard Cosell gives the viewer highlights and reflections of this outstanding fight as only Howaaaad can do….making this clip well worth the watch.


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