L E’s Stories – Dateline: August 31, 1984 – Luck At The Olympics Happens When Talent Meets Opportunity

Bone Daddy has always said that “All you can do….is all you can do….but all you can do….is enough.”…..and when it comes to this particular story….his saying certainly came true.  Over the many years that I have sat at Bone Daddy’s side, he has taught me well that”LUCK happens when talent meets opportunity”….which is something that 15 years…

Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Official Olympic Sports T-Shirt Collection Pieces

DOD ASIDE: This 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Official Olympic Sport T-shirt collection is evidence of the fact that Bone Daddy, Sky Pilot and Prince of Pleasure did indeed make history by seeing a sporting event in every Olympic sport at the 1984 Games….as the only way to obtain a t-shirt for any Olympic sport…

Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Games Official Olympic Sport T-shirt Collection


Every Official Olympic Sport T-shirt shown in this collection was purchased by Bone Daddy at a live event at each Olympic Sport Venue as depicted on each t-shirt  at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games.