Olympics – 1972 – Munich Games – USA Eddie Hart Remembers The Day He Missed His Olympic Start Time

At the US Olympic Trials in 1972….Eddie Hart and Rey Robinson repeated their duo-held world record running of the 100 m in 9.9 seconds….and were both favored to win the race at the Olympic Games in Munich….but they were both eliminated in the 100 m race because their coach, Stan Wright….who unknowingly used an outdated Olympic schedule to determine the starting time of their quarterfinal heat….thus failing to deliver…

MLB – 1980 – Special – Audrey Kates Interviews Elston Howard On Challenges Of Being 1st Black Yankee

Host Audrey Kates from the baseball television special The Boys In The Field, interviews New York Yankee great Elston Howard on what it was like being the 1st black to play for the Yanks….as he provides insight about what the early black players had to endure when breaking into MLB….as they crossed the color barrier.