News – 1989 – Special – NBCs Marv Albert Interviews President George H Bush

DOG COMMENTARY:  This 1989 video of NBC’s Marv Albert interviewing US President George H. Bush on the subject of baseball is precious to us at ImaSportsphile….cuz back in 1957, our Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile played Little League baseball for the Midland Central Little League Braves….and regularly faced faced a Cubs team that was led…

Marv Albert’s 1989 Interview With 41st US President George H. Bush Talking Baseball

DOG ASIDE: 41st US President George H. Bush was a huge baseball fan most of his life….for Bone Daddy has known this since he was 9 years old and in his first year in Little League baseball…..playing centerfield for the 1956 Midland Central Little League Braves…..against the Cubs…..coached by George H. Bush….with his son, George…

Michael Murphy Sings This Is Hard Country Out Here In Midland, TX


Popular Country and Western Singer Michael Murphy sings “This Is Hard Country Out Here” in Midland, TX….and Michael knows because he lived in West Texas a significant part of his life….especially growing up. This song tells what it is like to live out in God’s Country….much like the photography of Wyman Meizner.