Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Live – Stand Up Routine – On Things That Always Seem To Happen

The truly great comedians can all find humor and a good laugh from the simplest of things in every day life….for the great ones don’t need a big punch line to a funny joke….or the expression of a human frailty to get a good laugh….cuz truly funny people like America’s Clown Prince can simply state that they…

Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Live – Featuring Clem Kaddiddilehoffer On Having Gotten Married

There is no more beloved comedian than Red Skelton…..and there is no more beloved comedic character than Clem Kaddiddilehoffer…..whom America’s Clown Prince would bring out in darn near every live performance that Red Skelton gave to the world. 

This is classic stuff from the single most popular person in our entire library here at ImaSportsphile.

Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Mime – The Guy Who Makes The Salads At The Greek Restaurant

Red Skelton was and still is America’s Clown Prince….who mastered stand up comedy, mime comedy, clown comedy and comedy skits. In this video herewith, he provides evidence of his mastery of mime comedy… he portrays the guy who makes the salads at a Greek restaurant…..which is an wonderful example of his mastery of mime.

Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Live – A VerbaMime On How To Dunk Donuts

In this wonderful video…..the master of comedic mime, Red Skelton….explains the differences between a mime….a pantomime….and a verbomime….as he performs a verbomime on how to dunk a donut during his 1981 HBO comedy special….which provides another example of just how funny and talented America’s Clown Prince really was. 

Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton – On How To Disperse And Change Stage Props

A common trait of many great masters of comedy is their ability to capture a laugh out of any seemingly spontaneous act….as evidence by Red Skelton in this video herewith….when he needed his stage cleared of his previous skit’s stage props…..which happened to be a plate of donuts sitting on a table….for this comedic master…

Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Mime – The Birth Life And Death Of A Flower

We at Imasportsphile owe so much of our popularity to comedian extraordinaire Red Skelton…. for he has brought literally millions of viewers to our vintage video library that is being posted herewith.  America’s Clown Prince….as we like to refer to him….has generated some 5,000 comments over the past 3 years….which has taught us a great…

Music – 1981 – Red Skelton – My Time As Your Clown Has Come To Say Goodnight

This video provides a wonderful insight into what makes a great comedian and entertainer….as America’s Clown Prince, the one and only Red Skelton, closes his live HBO comedy show with a song that says it all….from a man who spent 70 years making people laugh….simply saying that his time as your clown has come to…