NFL’s Willie The Wisp In The Story Of Chicago Bears RB Willie Galimore

DOG ASIDE: Sportscaster Bob Costas brings us an inside look at Chicago Bears RB Willie “The Wisp” Galimore….whose # 28 was retired by the Bears organization. The Wisp left his mark on the NFL from 1957 to 1963….in a career spent with DA BEARS. Galimore was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in…

Comedian Red Skelton Stand Up Routine Plus The Wonderful World of Mime

DOG ASIDE: Comedian Red Skelton was an entertainer of the highest order….stand up comedian, mime, unforgettable characters, clown….making people laugh all over the world from 1937 to 1971 on radio and on television….for this lovable man never used a curse word and never belittled anyone….in all of his years of making America laugh. Bone Daddy…

Sportscaster Roy Firestone Host Tribute To Red Auerbach At Boston Gardens

DOG ASIDE: Basketball is the sport that Bone Daddy was the best at….he still loves the game and is a die-hard San Antonio Spurs fan…..but as a young budding Sportsphile while balling on the playgrounds of Midland, Texas….he was a Boston Celtics fan to the max…loving Cousy, Heinsohm, Nelson, Sanders, Russell et al….but his favorite…

1986 Boxing 10 Round Heavyweight Bout With Gentleman Gerry Cooney VS Eddie Gregg


During the 1980’s there were some really talented pretenders to the Heavyweight Title….and Gentleman Gerry Cooney was one of those. He had a devastating right hand….and could take a punch pretty darn well. He fought the best at the time….Ken Norton, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson….but he never could quite make a champion’s level.

1979 Heavyweight Champion Elimination Bout With Gerrie Coetzee VS Leon Spinks

DOG ASIDE: HUMANS have the incredible ability to complicate so many things…..which is usually driven by money….and the world of professional boxing had become very convoluted and complicated with three major governing bodies….WBC, WBA and IBC…, in 1979 the powers that be of boxing came up with a solution to all the confusion….have a heavyweight…

Marv Albert Covers Career Highlights Of Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes Fights


Marv Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco are summing up the Heavyweight Title Fight between Champ Larry Holmes vs Scott Frank….which Holmes wins with a TKO in the 5th round….followed by memories of past Heavyweight Champions set to the song “Everybody Has A Dream”.


NFL Great Teams Of The Philadelphia Eagles In The Late 1940s And Early 1950s


QB Lurtis “Tommy” Thompson came out of Tulsa University as a single wing tailback and led the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFL Championship in 1948 and 1949. When the Eagles started throwing the ball with Thompson at the helm….instead of running the ball like the Eagles of old…and the team became winners