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Comedian George Burns At Age 91 Pitching Batteries For Ray O Vac


Comedians George Burns and his wife, Gracie Allen were at the top of the food chain of comedians from the mid-1920’s until the mid- 1960’s….when the better half of this comedic partnership, Gracie, passed away….and broke up a team that was unsurpassed in the world of comedy and entertainment. However, being a comedian of the highest order…..Burns remained a favorite of the American television public until 1977….at age 81….when he achieved God-like status with his portrayal of God in the movie OH GOD.  George Burns remained a popular, adorable and lovable figure…..evidenced by his popular ad on TV pitching batteries for Ray-O-Vac at age 91.  Burns lived to be 100 years old. 


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