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Comedy – 1946 – Scene From Movie Monsieur Beaucaire – With Bob Hope + Reginald Owen + Joan Caulfield

Monsieur Beaucaire is a 1946 comedy film starring Bob Hope as the title character….who was the barber of King Louis XV of France…..which is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Booth Tarkington. It is a remake of the 1924 Rudolph Valentino silent film of the same name Monsieur Beaucaire.

King Louis XV of France is invited by his rival King Philip V of Spain to choose a suitable husband for Philip’s daughter, Princess Maria, as a gesture of unity between their two nations…..when Louis’s choice is the Duc le Chandre….but the duke fancies Madame Pompadour….of whom the king also fancies.

Louis’ barber, Beaucaire, becomes tangled in a web of deceit along with Mimi, a chambermaid he loves. Both end up exiled from France…..and after Beaucaire assists the duke in hiding Madame Pompadour, all must ward off General Don Francisco….who is planning to overthrow Philip so that he can rule Spain.

After a series of mistakes and misadventures….Beaucaire shows his bravery in a sword fight with Don Francisco….and is rewarded by the duke coming to his rescue.

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