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Comedy – 1970 – Special – Excerpt From Movie M*A*S*H – Hotlips Houlihan Shower Incident

When it comes to individual tastes in movies…..there are simply some scenes that are memorable beyond compare to everyone….and they differ from person to person….for when it comes to this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….I have some really memorable ones….of which two of them come from this original M*A*S*H movie…..the football game between M*A*S*H 4077th vs Headquarters….and this scene where Duke, Hawkeye and Trapper devise and execute a plan to determine the winner of the $20 bet between Duke and Hawkeye as to whether Major Hotlips Houlahan’s “cuffs and collars” matched….I mean….was she a true blond.  The whole scene was a delightful trip down memory lane for any red blooded American boy and his fascination with women. 

Simply put, this video clip from the epic movie M*A*S*H is so much fun to watch again…..and again….for it is just one of those that will always leave an indelible impression….cuz it was so well thought out…..carried out…..and played out. 

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