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Comedy – 1977 – SNL Opening – Jimmy Carter + Bert Lance For National Express Credit Cards


OK folks….for those of you who remember…..did it get any better in comedy than Dan Akroyd doing President Jimmy Carter….who we at ImaSportsphile can’t stand for his decision to let politics enter into sports by boycotting the 1980 Moscow Games….cua the worst tics are poli-tics….and John Belushi doing  Bert Lance….the American businessman who served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Jimmy Carter in 1977….who had to resign from Carter’s administration due to a scandal during his first year in office….who was eventually cleared of all charges. 

This skit titled An Oval Office…..is a wonderful satire on the American Express credit card….and represents true evidence of Akroyd and Belushi’s true comedic talent….for it is worth a few really good chuckles. 

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