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Comedy – 1978 – Film – Schillers Reel – Java Junkie – with Peter Aykroyd + Teri Garr + Patti Oja


Back in the early years of Saturday Night Live….there would be various short films that would appear on the live broadcast under the name of Schillers Reel…..which were always about “edgy” subjects…..like the one seen below titled Java Junkie.  These short films were always interesting and sometimes quite funny, but still playing on the edges of comedy…..and almost always being out of a Twilight Zone type of presentation…..and this film herewith certainly falls into that category…..as Peter Aykroyd plays the lead role of a man who just needs his more than several cups of java each morning, just to get his mo jo started….especially after a rough breakup with his girl friend….while Teri Carr plays the waitress at the local cafe where the Java Junkie gets his daily fix.  As with all Schillers Reel films, this one is well worth watching….especially if you are in need of an “edgy fix”.


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