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Comedy – 1978 – Skit – Land Is Scarce Use Your Head – A New Look At The Human Head


Although Dan Aykroyd is only represented in voice in this video….his fingerprints and his mind set is all over this piece of comedic genius….and yes, it is a bit “off the wall”….but that is what made his comedy so unique…..for like much of his work…the audience never really knew if it was supposed to be funny or what….that is until he would drop the hammer….like when in the video it was said….“and this is your shopping center”….and how it co-mingled with the title of the skit…LAND IS SCARCE, USE YOUR HEAR.  

Simply put, I just love these special short comedy clips like this one…. as they always just tickle my funny bone the right way….as they don’t actually bring back any memories like most of the videos in ImaSportsphile…..but they just tickle me in the right spot….so, ENJOY!!!




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