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Comedy – 1978 – The X Police Investigate Another Marijuana Related Death


Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd are The X Police in this Saturday Night Live skit from a show during the 1978 season….which deals with a subject that has been around for a long time….the “not so truthful results of smoking marijuana”.  The truth remains some 33+ years later, many of the “untruths and misconceptions” of the drug are still ever present in 2018…..when factual statistics indicate marijuana may have more healing and helpful effects than negative ones…..and the saddest part of all of that is the fact many folks are currently in jail for consumption. 

So, this is comedic skit that isn’t really meant to be as funny as it is to be food for thought about a subject that has been around for a very long time…..and the division of opposing thought really hasn’t moved very much since then…..albeit marijuana has been legalized in 10 States in the US….and the country of Mexico as 2018 draws to a close.

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